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Labour specialized advice

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Zurbano Asesores y Consultores is a Labour Advise Global Company offering your company much more than the payroll services for your headcount. We offer you labour specialized advice. Our services extend (spread)  to all the entire Human Resources Area in order to reach (achieve, accomplish) a strategic coordination between our team and your business needs.

Labour Specialized Advice and Information

Legal Advice related to employees and salaries in the day-to-day needs of your HR area

Legal Advice and analysis of the Collective Bargaining Agreement which applies in your company: salary breakdown, occupational groups and job positions, disciplinary regulations, salary indexations, etc

Normative and regulation updating in all the labour matters that affect your company and business area

Social Security Cost reductions. (minimizing costs)

Public Incentives and bonus for different kind of employment contracts and employees

Legal Advice for Employees Engagement/Disengagement: Special Clauses such as non-competence, exclusivity, teleworking, variable salary policy, dismissals, resignations, etc

Social Security and Salary Audit at the beginning of our services

Salary Levels and Job Positions mapping

Expatriation and Inmigration

Zurbano Asesores y Consultores offers both your company and your employees an entire advice on all aspects of the expatriation and the immigration of executives of companies operating in Spain, covering legal and social issues as well as contracts with government authorities.

For this purpose, it has leading specialists in Immigration Law and International Tax Law.