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Accounting services in Spain

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Our philosophy at Zurbano is to try to adapt to clients needing or conveniences

Our team has great expertize in accounting services in Spain, adapting to different possible ways to run the accountancy.

The complexity of the requirements depending on the business you develop.

In order to adapt this system, we provide an ample range of accounting services in Spain.


Receive all accounting documents at our office, produce the accounting statements with our accounting application. This traditional accountancy can be customized by using the accounting codification proposed by the client, bilingual accountancy, analytical reports, customized reports, special control of some specific expenses, etc

Entering data on your application on line, usually under SAP or Oracle networks.  Again, different possibilities can be followed, we can enter fully accounting or just the entries that may be more complex to your head accounting quarters as local expenses, accruals adapted to Spanish tax limits, invoices subject to withholding taxes, etc.

Working with your accounting produced abroad and trying to adapt it to the Spanish GAAP and minimum required standards.  Through that way you would be able to continue using your centralized accounting but adapting it for local purposes

We will find the best procedure to:

Prepare reports adapted to Spanish GAAP

Preparation of annual accounts

Maintain official books that can be easily used before tax auditors if needed

Produce customized reports about specific information needed

Help on administrative issues related to the accounting bank payments

Please contact us should you like to check in deeply your case and discover our accounting services that may more easily adapt to your circumstances.